FZI House of Living Labs

The FZI Living Lab smartEnergy is an interdisciplinary research environment to investigate solutions for the energy system of the future. The whole FZI House of Living Labs was set up with modern technology for the decentralized allocation, storage and flexible consumption of electrical and thermal power.

The transformation of the energy system from a network of conventional power plants, that is centrally managed, to highly decentralized power supply via renewable energy results in major changes. In particular, the highly fluctuating supply from renewable sources requires new solutions since power supply and demand in the grid always have to be balanced. In the FZI Living Lab smartEnergy, we develop ICT-based solutions to meet the following challenges:

  • Efficient management of energy flows in buildings by leveraging flexibilities of consumers and producers
  • Practical development and evaluation of methods, procedures and components for energy management systems in buildings
  • Integration of interfaces within buildings and between buildings and the future smart grid to make an essential contribution to the stability and reliability of the future energy system